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ClubSetup Sports League Website Pricing

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Comparing league management features of a league website for any youth sport is the easy part since the comparison is more of an apples vs apples comparison!  ClubSetup strongly encourages a feature comparison with our full featured league management software.  

Figuring out the true cost of what a league website is going to cost your organization is the BIG challenge!   This comparison is more of an apples vs oranges comaparison!  Most league website vendors leave out a "few" important details when it comes to the true overall cost.  

league website price comparison

Some of the biggest fees for a youth sport organization are hidden in transaction and credit card rates used for online registrations.  No single youth sports organization has the necessary volume requirements to negotiate the lowest transaction and credit card rates with a credit card processor for use in their online registration system.   These higher transaction and credit rates cost sports leagues hundreds or thousands of extra dollars in fees every registration period.   

ClubSetup volume with a large credit card processor meets the dollar processing requirement to receive the lowest transaction and credit card rates available for online transactions.   By agreeing not to mark up these low rates (as most league website vendors do) ClubSetup passes these low transaction and credit rates directly on to you, the customer. ClubSetup also offers each organization their own merchant account where funds are directly deposited into their organization bank accounts on nightly basis.
Many youth sport website vendors direct their customers to a credit card merchant account where league website vendors mark up the transaction and credit card rates and pocket the difference for profit.  These marked up rates will cost your organization members an average of $2 per $100 in registration fees. 


ClubSetup's online credit card rates are the published Visa and MasterCard Interchange rate plus $0.07 per transaction and $2 for every $1,000 processed.  These rates are the same rates offered to multi-billion dollar corporations such as Wal-Mart and McDonald's.  The online credit card rates are the LOWEST* you will find anywhere in the sports league website marketplace.


ClubSetup Sports League Website pricing:

$0 Setup Fee
Ad-Free sports league website that Includes custom theme and logo, transfering existing website content, right to use ClubSetup's LOWEST Credit Card rates that will save your organization members an average of $2 per $100 of registration fees, and a free merchant account setup in your organizations name 
$500 Annual Fee
Covers the cost of hosting, maintenance and support, and upgrades.
Organizations with less than 100 players -- No per player charge

Organizations with 100+ players -- $2.50/player

*If you find current lower transaction and credit rates we will waive the per player charge for the upcoming registration season.