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ClubSetup League Website Benefits

ClubSetup is a sports league website publishing platform with a complete suite of sports league management modules created to help you manage your organization or club in a time saving and cost effective way.  

Taking part in youth sports activities should be a fun and rewarding experience for all Volunteers, Parents, and Players that make up your sporting community.  ClubSetup sports league website user friendly technology encourages every league member to get involved.

When your league members are engaged they become motivated and are more likely to contribute to your online community resulting in an experience more about the kids and the sporting activity and less about the technology and management of a league.  


Manage your season efficiently

Customize your online registration system quickly to initiate league sign ups.  Create your league by setting up divisions and teams in minutes.   Free league scheduling software to quickly construct league schedules.  Instant league and team notifications for keeping members informed.  Learn More

Save your Organization Money

Lowest total overall cost for a full featured sports league website.   Learn More

Get your organization seen by your community

Create and manage custom league content with an easy-to-use web interface.  Connect your website to other sites and services across the web.  Leverage a league website framework that is search engine friendly making your league easily seen.   Leverage social networking integration to help you engage with a wider audience. 

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