Youth Sports Fund Raising

ClubSetup Fund Raising Applications for youth sports organizations

Most youth sport organizations must fund raise to cover expenses and keep fees low.  Youth sports organizations still use traditional fundraising such as selling Candy Bars, Cookie Dough, Scratch Cards, Movie Tickets, or Car Washes, or other items. Organizing a traditional nonprofit fundraising event requires a lot of work, and the profits that you generate are shared with by your for profit  fund raising firm.  

ClubSetup has developed a unique approach to fundraising for youth sports organization with our web-based fundraising applications.  Today, youth sports parents are more ready to donate online.  Utilizing ClubSetup fundraising applications your sports organization fundraising events will take less time to set up,  with less investment,  and generate higher profits that go directly to your sports organization and are not shared by third party fund raising companies.   

ClubSetup web based fundraising applications will help your non-profit sports organization generate more money.   Here are 5 unique ways a youth sports organization can raise funds with ClubSetup:

1)  Your Organization branded e-store

Your e-store can be used as a charity mall to sell items to your membership.

2)  ClubSetup Ad Module 

ClubSetup by default is an Ad free youth sport website.

Most youth sport league management solutions include their advertising on YOUR site where they, and not YOU, profit.

The ClubSetup Ad Module optionally lets you sell advertising on your website.  You control the Ads and you receive 100% of the proceeds.  The Ad Module can support multiple Ad groups of 4 and that are randomly displayed and tastefully placed on the left sidebar of your website right under your menus (see example below). 

3)  ClubSetup Sponsor Page  


ClubSetup Sponsor pages allow your organization to prominently recognize sponsors on your website that are helping support your organization.  
Many of your area’s finest companies recognize the economic, cultural and community-building benefits of your sports organization in your area.  These companies understand that the first rule of healthy community relations is to give back to the community that supports them.  Your youth sports organization is composed of the children of companies in your area.  By supporting your youth sports organization these sponsor companies will receive positive exposure in your community, which in turn will help make your members think of these sponsors when they are in need.
ClubSetup uses an Olympic Medal Style Sponsor Page (3 levels of Sponsorship).  Sponsors can purchase Sponsorships through your website.   Sponsors are recognized with a themed menu page that is visible to all.

Sponsors can purchase and Configure their Sponsorships online through your shopping cart system

After the Sponsor complete the Sponsorship transaction they are automatically displayed on your organization Sponsor page that is highly visible to all.



4)  ClubSetup Donation Portal

This feature allows your organization to ask for donations for various causes throughout your season.  You can enable a pop up for the donation to show when checkout is pressed during online registration, volunteer sign up, or buying a sponsorship.  The donation is then added to the users shopping cart where they can make the donation immediately and your sports organization receives immediately.

5)  ClubSetup Thermometer widget  

This provides a great way for youth sport organization to generate excitement for your fundraising project. The visual helps to keep people involved and informed of your progress, and adds interesting and attractive content to your website. If used creatively, it can also help your sports organization meet a larger profit target.