Why use social media for your league website

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Social Media is starting to become an important part of youth sports websites.  With ClubSetup's unique framework their are hundreds of social media modules that simply plug into our framework and let you Connect, Communicate, and Share outside of your secure ClubSetup league website. 

If you’re feeling a bit skeptical about using social media in sports league websites the following are some reasons why it may be working better than you realize.

1. Your League Brand Recognition – One of the most powerful ways to use social media is as a brand-building tool. With consistent effort and great sports content, you can build a reputation for your sports league values, benefits, and advantages.

2. Community – Today's youth sports organizations have turned into online sporting communities that require powerful and affordable sports league websites.  There is nothing like social media when it comes to cultivating a community. When your followers become part of your community, you gain instant access to them. That means you can find out what challenges they are facing and what they like and don’t like about your offerings. 

3. Authority – For board members, volunteers, and coaches social media can be very powerful in helping you establish creditability in your field—making you the go-to resource for your target audience to seek out for help. Share great content, answer questions, andserve your audience, and you will inevitably build loyal fans.

4. Influence – As your following increases, your influence grows. Having a substantial social media audience creates a snowball effect that can attract new league members, advertising opportunites and all kinds of other opportunities. It’s a bit like when you see a crowd hovered around something. You can’t help but want to see what all the fuss is about, so a large audience will only attract more interest.

5. More Website Traffic to your League Website – For many sports league websites social media can be a leading traffic generator. When you tweet a message, post a photo to Facebook or like a page with Google+ you give your audience a reason to visit your league website. If you are committed to your social media efforts, you will clearly see that social media brings traffic to your website. 

6. "In with the times" – Whether you realize it or not, your prospective league website customers are getting more social media savvy everyday.   Social media savvy parents are checking to see if your sports league website is engaging in social media.  Social media isn’t a fad and it’s not going away. Even if it’s not your top priority, if you stay current with activity, your current and prospective league members will notice.

7. Mindshare with Lurkers – There may be days when you wonder if anyone is paying attention to your social media networks. But if your efforts are consistent, I guarantee that more people are paying attention than you realize. Give it time and you’ll start to understand what’s happening behind the anonymity of the internet. You will eventually hear from people who say, “I’ve been following you on Twitter for ages. I love your posts!”

8. Recognition of Special Achievements – Special achievements by your league members should be recognized and acknowledged.  With Social Media you can share your sports league website members special acheivements with a wider audience that in turn will give your league broader exposure.