Volunteer Signup Application

ClubSetup Volunteer Signup Applications

There are 2 types of sign up event applications you can use with your website to conduct sign ups for voluntary or mandatory events such as Snack Shack or Umpire/Referee signups;  When the user signs up admins are notified and the signee is sent a notification reminder email 24 hr prior to the event.
The Organization and Team Page Signup application that allows admins to easily create signups based on any calendar event, scheduled game, or practice.  The user simply checks the item they want to sign up for.

The Signup with Payment Option is used for signup events that are integrated with the online registration system and your merchant account allowing administrators the option to require a signup during registration and/or collect funds for these events or to have a $0 charge.   When a user completes a signup they are generating an order.


Creating Signups with Organization and Team Page Signup

The organization or team signup list is used to create signups based on any calendar event, scheduled game, or practice.   An admin must create the signups first by clicking on the Sign Up tab and then clicking on the tab, this will display a window (depends on the type of event selected from the event drop down box):

There are 3 types of signups that you can create for the selected event(s)
- Bring Items, in the example above there is 1 sign up created for Team Snacks for the selected game(s).
- Jobs, in the example above there is 1 signup created for the job Scorekeeper for the selected game(s).
- Time Slot.  This is for jobs or assignments that have a start and ending time assigned to them.  In the example above we have 2 “Snack Shack Duty” signups that start at 2:00pm and end at 3:30pm for the selected game(s).

Organization or Team Members can then signup for any of the created signups by pressing the Sign Up
tab and pressing

Team Members can press the Sign up list link to see who from their team has signed up.   The system will automatically send out a 24 hr reminder email before the event.
Users can view their signups by going to their "My Account" link portal located in the upper right hand corner of the banner and press the  "Signups" as or they view their may signups by selecting Volunteer Sign Ups from their  Member Tools menu

Signup with Payment Option


This signup application may be intergrated with your online registration system in wich you require the registering parent to select a volunteer event before their registration is complete.   When the parent presses checkout to finish an online registration they would see message telling them they must select a volunteer event to complete their player registration.  The sample volunteer signup would looke like: 


League Website Volunteer Signup Application



Administrators can mark attendance or cancel a volunteer sign up.  Volunteers can cancel their sign up but the cancelation request is first sent to the administrator for approval before the request is processed.

Online reports detailing who sign up for which event.

Automatic email reminders to the volunteers are sent by the system 24 hours before the scheduled event.