Team Pages


Team pages allow you to connect with players, coaches, parents, and fans with information such as; schedules, results, team calendars, team events, rosters, coach messages, video’s, photos, polls, forums, comments and more.

With ClubSetup, team pages are automatically created and populated with schedules, standings, results, and rosters. Team page members will be able to add new content, upload photos, change text, send out notifications, and so much more. All of this done with "point & click" ease.

When a player is assigned to a team, that team automatically appears in the home page menu structure for the parent for easy access to their childs team page.

ClubSetup's team website pages also serve as your communication hub where your team members can be pro-actively notified via notifiactions  about events such as:, latest game results, updated standing, practices, changes, new photo’s, new content, snack dates and much more.



With our league scheduling software games are automatically imported into a team calendar and displayed via a scheduling tab that allows you to view upcoming games and locations as well as past results.


The standings tab allows to to see how your team is doing compared to other teams in your league.


The roster tab allows you to view individual players and their personalized profiles.

Team Websites