Free League Scheduling

baseball league scheduling software

Free league scheduling software

Creating a league schedule that fits your youth sports organization unique requirements is a snap with ClubSetup free league scheduling software.  Unlike league scheduling software that charge and are a stand alone product that is not integrated with your league management solution, ClubSetup is completely integrated with your entire league management solution.  Here is how you do it in 10 minutes;

First enter the name, and then enter in the location details that will automatically display a Google generated map and directions for your users.

Next enter in when games will be played, game length, and start date for this division location.


This is where you customize your league schedule to meet ANY unique demands that you may have.  In the example below we have games that will be played in the months of June, July, August, and September.  The games will start June 4, 2011.  They will be played on every Sunday, every Saturday, and the First Monday of every month.  The schedule will NOT schedule any games on July 4th, 2011 but will add a game on Tuesday, July 5th, 2011.  You press save and a preview of the schedule appears where you can make any changes to locations or dates.  Once you are satisfied with the preview press generate and you are ready to go.  Need to delete your league schedule because of new requirements? No problem, you just select the delete all from the division schedule page and start over. Scheduling is easy with ClubSetup free league scheduling software.  



The result is a league schedule that meets your unique demands and gets automatically populated on your team page and organization calendar, below are examples of a team schedule and division standing that appear on every team page.