League Management

ClubSetup League Management

ClubSetup's League and Team Management Software provides your sports organization with a complete league website solution that provides everything you need to Start, Manage and Monitor your season each year.  There are no contracts, no hosting fee, no support fee's, no forced ads, and no mark up on your sports online registration card card rates.   The result is a full feature league website solution at a low cost.


Online Registration Software and low cost Merchant Account

Affordable Sports Online Registration rates

With ClubSetup’s secure online sports registration software, your members are able to register and pay at their convenience using our integrated payment methods for credit card, check, or cash.  You can also easily promote your sign up periods by sending targeted emails blast or automatic event notices to people in your database.

Most importantly, ClubSetup creates a free merchant account that offers the lowest credit card transaction rates for sports registrations in the industry.  These low rates are passed directly on to your users.  The saving with these low credit rates will save most leagues an average of $2 per registration assuming a $100 registration price.    Most league website vendors, in addition to charging annual fees,  double or triple credit card rates for their own profit

League Scheduling Software

league scheduling software

With ClubSetup's league management scheduling software you are now able to get your league schedules and results out in minutes instead of days!  Just enter your locations, teams, game times, and start date.  Once the schedule is finished it is automatically published to the respective team pages and team calendars.  ClubSetup league scheduler can even import and display schedules created by another scheduling program.

Team administrators can enable automatic email notifications for game or practice reminders and changes.

Once results are entered, the respective league standings are automatically updated based upon game scores.  If members of your organization are constantly checking and re-checking your league website for updated game results, they can now be automatically notified the instant the scores are posted.

Create Leagues

Team Website Pages, Player Pages

Once player registrations are completed,  creating teams and team rosters is a snap!   There are NO limits to the amount of divisions, teams, or players that your organization can create with ClubSetup team management software.

As teams are entered, ClubSetup automatically creates team pages. As rosters are entered, ClubSetup automatically creates individual player pages.  Team website pages are automatically populated with the team roster, team schedule, and team standings.  In addition there is a members tool area where users and coaches can post important announcements, photo's, and team updates.

Finally volunteers can be  conveniently assigned their respective roles (coach, team parent etc…) and given the appropriate team website permissions.

Real Time Sports Registration Reporting

Real Time Reporting for sports online registration

ClubSetup's real time sports registration reporting provides your youth sports league with instant overview of how many players have registered, how many players that signed up for each division or team, how many players placed on waiting list, how many incomplete player registrations allowing you to be proactive in getting these players signed up, how much funds your sports organization has collected and many other useful reports.

Improve Communications
 Sports Community

With ClubSetup's advanced communication and notification facilities you can Publish, Promote, and Connect instantly to your community. Just as importantly, our league software allows individuals to communicate with others within your ClubSetup community, and even to other ClubSetup communities, to share interests, advice and friendships.

League and team form builder

Online Registration Forms

ClubSetup League Management form builder allows you to quickly generate your sports registration forms with point and click tools.  Creating an online player registration form for your team and league registrations is a 2 minute process!   ClubSetup form builder  validates and collect data fast and with minimum effort.  Our easy to use web based form builder gives you the tools you need to create custom forms instantly… all without ever writing a single line of code.

Customize the look and feel of your sports league website

Custom sports website

With ClubSetup you can create a professional-looking league website in minutes with ready-made templates. Each youth sports organization and club can be given a unique look, rather than a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits all website. 

ClubSetup's league management software provides you with a sports league website you can quickly update yourself without going through busy and costly web consultants for every little change. In addition to having a great looking league website, you'll also have full control.

Site administrators will be able to add new pages, upload logos, upload banners, upload background images, upload photos, change text, arrange menus, change your team website style, and so much more. All of this can be done with "point & click" ease thanks to ClubSetup’s next generation league management platform. 

Free Volunteer Sign Up application

Recruit team volunteers


ClubSetup has developed 2 types of volunteer sign up event applications;

Organization and Team Page Signup application that allows admins to easily create signups based on any calendar event, scheduled game, or practice.  The user simply checks the item they want to sign up for.  A 24 hour notification is sent to the user to remond the user of the sign up.

Signup with Payment Option is used for signup events that are integrated with the shopping cart system allowing administrators the option to collect funds for these events or to have a $0 charge.   When a user completes a signup they are generating an order.

Most youth sport organizations rely heavily on volunteers.   The problem is getting these volunteers to sign up in an orderly fashion that is easy to manage.   With ClubSetup free volunteer sign up application users can easily sign up for snack shack dates, Umpire/Referee sign ups or other volunteer duties during the player registration process.   The parent is required to select the volunteer event and time slot during player registration process.   An automatic email of the event sign up is then sent to the parent and the league administrator.   The volunteer sign up application keeps track of who has signed up and even reminds the individual 24 hours prior to the event.  




Team website widgets

A widget is a small application block that you can freely find available from companies like ESPN, Google, Yahoo or any major professional sports organization. These free widgets snap into ClubSetup’s league management website framework like a Lego.

Examples of widgets you can use with ClubSetup include maps, latest sports news, music, video, weather, games, and so much more.

Widgets allow you to personalize your team website and deliver the information you want. As a result, your site will always remain fresh and on the cutting edge.

ClubSetup Youth Sport Fund Raising

League fundraising

With ClubSetup Youth Sports Fund Raising your youth sports website will generate much needed funds for your sports organization.   ClubSetup does not force advertising on your youth sports website.  If you want Ad's on your website then you receive 100% of the funds!  ClubSetup provides a standard e-commerce storefront that organizations can use to sell their own branded merchandise and reap the benefit of 100% of the profits.  Your fund raising and e store will leverage that same low rates as your sports registration system. 

The ClubSetup fundraising and e store system has no fixed fees and zero start-up costs.

Document Repository

Document Repository

An easy to use document and image repository and archive of prior activities make it easy for new volunteers to pick up where last years volunteers left off.


Hosted League Management

Hosted software

There is no hardware to buy or maintain, your league management and sports registration platform hosted by Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2).    No more worrying about how much disk space you are using. ClubSetup uses the latest hardware, software and communication platforms to ensure lightning performance for your sports website.


League Website Publishing

Website publishing tools

Creating content with the ClubSetup league managment software solution is a snap.   ClubSetup provides a text editor to be used inside web pages. It's a WYSIWYG editor, which means that the text being edited on it looks as similar as possible to the results users have when publishing it. It brings to the web common editing features found on desktop editing applications like Microsoft Word and OpenOffice.   You can easily add pages, change content, upload images, add RSS feeds and advertising links as often as you want.



Search team website

ClubSetup league management software provides powerful and convenient search options.  With keyword search, your registered users may quickly type any text (for example 'Johnny Smith' or 'Dolphin Swim Team') and see all matching records within your league website. From there you simply click on the link and are directed to that page.

Improve customer service
 Sports volunteers

Do your volunteers spend a lot of time on the phone, or email, answering redundant questions and sending out the same material?  Do they spend a lot of time on the phone with other volunteers trying to find the answers?

ClubSetup allows your team website to publish support information with up to the minute accuracy and allows organizations to create help forums that users can read and contribute to.  Each registered user of the system has their own user account portal where they can easily access their orders, update their contact information, change their billing address at anytime.   Volunteers then can spend less time with mundane support task and more time with the kids!



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