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ClubSetup football league management and sports registration software allows your youth football organization to design an easy-to-use, custom youth football website.   

With ClubSetup Youth Football League Management and Sports Registration system your youth football organization will have the most innovative youth football software platform at the most affordable price.   ClubSetup' provides your youth football league with an unique online community where parents, players, and coaches can freely interact and share their experiences.  

Why is ClubSetup the best league management solution for your youth football organization?  

  • First we offer the latest innovative youth sports "LEGO" like framework that allows us to build and integrate the latest sports modules far quicker than any of our competition.  This insures your youth football website is always current with the latest and best features.

  • Second we offer a complete and integrated league management solution where every feature is designed to share information with each other from secure online registration sign up, to registration and financial reporting, to team pages, to football league scheduling, to group based messaging, to volunteer sign up applications (Snack Shack), to your own estore, to multiple fundraising applications all on a Ad free system
  • Third COST.   We do not mark up online registration rates like most youth football online registration solutions that significantly mark up the online credit card registration fees that are directly passed on to league parents resulting in a higher overall cost.  
  • ClubSetup pricing and see other league management football vendor prices.  


Here's what ClubSetup can offer your Football organization: 


online registration for footballTHE lowest online football registration transaction fees anywhere - Debit Credit Card rates at .20% plus .07 cents, Visa and MasterCard transaction rates at just 15 basis points over the stated interchange rate with NO downgrades -- this means lower sports registrations cost for your members!


online registration for footballComplete football league scheduling system that auto populates team pages and organization calendars.


online registration for footballOne click notification system to quickly allow administrators to notify members of any important and time sensitive football league information.


online registration for footballIntegrated volunteer management for snack shack duty, referee sign ups, and more.


online registration for football Fund raising tools that allow your football organization to easily generate additional funds.


online registration for footballThere’s much more! To find out about more of ClubSetup's features please watch our short YouTube feature list video.


Still not sure you want to give ClubSetup Football League Management a look?   Here are 3 steps we can take to get you started today, there is no risk or obligation on your part:
  1. Build a fully functional test website with a custom football theme and your own content.
  2. Create admin rights so you can experience the software’s behind-the-scenes workings.
  3. Free phone consultation to better identify your needs and tailor a custom solution.

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