Event Sign Up Application


Event  Sign Up application for Volunteers and Umpires/Referee's

The ClubSetup Event Sign up application is a great way for organizations to conduct sign ups for voluntary or mandatory events such as Snack Shack or Umpire/Referee sign ups.  The Volunteer Sign Up application is integrated into your shopping cart system allowing administrators the option to collect funds for these events or to have a $0 charge.   

Members can sign up anywhere and anytime,

Automatically sends a customized email to the member signing up and to the administrator.

Keep your volunteers up to date through one click email notifications through the broadcast feature.

Registered volunteers can check their schedules and service history, sign-up,  through their My Account page.

Administrators can mark attendance or cancel a volunteer sign up.  Volunteers can cancel their sign up but the cancelation request is first sent to the administrator for approval before the request is processed.


Online reports detailing who sign up for which event.


Automatic email reminders to the volunteers are sent by the system 24 hours before the scheduled event.