Communication Tools From ClubSetup


With ClubSetup’s advanced league software communication and notification facilities you can Publish, Promote, and Connect instantly to your youth sports community.

League Notifications

  • Send email and/or text alerts for game results, standings updates, practice changes, team parties, and snack dates.  You can also choose to have these alerts automatically sent to friends and relatives.

  • League Promotions

  • Build relationships with people who express interest in your events by sending one-time event email and/or text messages. Members will stay informed without constantly visiting the league website.

  • RSS Enabled Websites

  • RSS enabled content that allow your users another way to automatically receive updates as events are added, completed or changed.

  • League & Team Polls 
  • Receive real time feedback by allowing users to voice their approval (or disapproval) of organization, league, and team created polls.

  • Online Forums

  • Online discussion forums that provide a simple and convenient way for your sports league community to share ideas and knowledge…or simply socialize.

  • Blogs

  • Foster the ability for your league website community to have and share discussions that happen right NOW.

  • Share

With ClubSetup, your league website becomes a tool for social and collaborative activity, rather than just an one way (league website to user) online repository of information. ClubSetup's league management software provides your organization with a platform that enables participatory activity of all your members and allows for an active and productive two way communication system between all of your users and your sports league .

With ClubSetup league software, you can share; photos, videos, polls, forums, RSS, user profiles, blogs, and can tag and rate content. With ClubSetup, you will be able to bring people into creative interaction with one another, making your league website an online meeting place for anyone to Connect, Communicate and Share with others in a sports oriented environment.

Communication Tools