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If your sports organization is interested in saving your users 30 - 100% for online sports registration fees and you are looking for the latest sports website framework,  please take a minute and let us show and explain why ClubSetup is a viable alternative to your current sports website solution. 
Here is a demo site that will provide you with a quick overview of the some of the features -- These sites can be used for any sport.  

When you first visit the site you are visiting as an anonymous user --- Press the button on the right side and enter the user name "guest" and p/w of "123456" you are logged in as a parent.  Notice that the parent “guest” has 2 new menu items in the left sidebar called Tigers and Cubs -- this parent registered their 2 kids and they were placed on these 2 teams and the system automatically places the teams in the menu structure to allow the parent quick access to their kids team pages for important team information.  Click on the Tigers and Cubs menu item to view these respective team pages.  

The ad's on the left sidebar are optional and change per page view.  If you decide to use the ad system, you receive 100% of the proceeds.   Notice the league sponsors in the menus, click on some of the sponsors.  The sponsors (without the aid of volunteers) can purchase, pay, and create stunning ad's where each has their own dedicated page thus saving your volunteers the extra work and appeasing your sponsors.  Standard with each website is a team store where you raise additional funds and help with your league fundraising.